This set of lessons is an introduction to SPARQL, the Semantic Web query language. The lessons begin with a basic SPARQL tutorial for beginners and also include detailed coverage of SPARQL 1.1 query features and a comparison of SPARQL and SQL.

You should be familiar with RDF before beginning this set of lessons. If you haven't already, you should check out the Semantic University RDF tutorials.

The Lessons

  1. SPARQL 101 — SPARQL is the query language of the Semantic Web.
  2. SPARQL Nuts & Bolts — builds on SPARQL 101 with an introduction to syntax and query examples.
  3. SPARQL by Example — an example-driven, in-depth introduction to the SPARQL query language.
  4. SPARQL vs. SQL - Intro — an in-depth look into how the two major query languages, SPARQL and SQL, compare.