Learn RDF


This set of lessons is an introduction to RDF, the core data model of the Semantic Web and the foundation of all other Semantic Web technologies. The lessons introduce RDF, present additional details, and then place RDF in the context of other technologies such as XML and JSON. Coverage is meant for beginners new to RDF, but a technical background will very much help you follow the material.

If you haven't already completed the lessons in Semantic Technologies Applied, now's the time to do so. They provide critical context for this set of lessons.

The Lessons

  1. RDF 101—an introduction to RDF, the data model of the Semantic Web.
  2. RDF Nuts & Bolts—builds on RDF 101 and shows where the rubber meets the road with the technology.
  3. XSD Datatype Cheat Sheet—when you're getting started with RDF this can be a handy guide to have bookmarked.
  4. RDF vs. XML—RDF and XML are both great at storing semi-structured data. So when would you want to use one vs. the other?
  5. What is JSON-LD?—a video lecture introducing JSON-LD, a way to work with RDF data in JSON.