Learn OWL and RDFS


This set of lessons is an introduction to OWL and an introduction to RDF Schema (RDFS). OWL and RDFS are key Semantic Web technologies that give you a way to write down rich descriptions of your RDF data. The lessons include introductory tutorials suitable to beginners and also an OWL reference for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

If you haven't already completed the RDF tutorials in Learn RDF, now's the time to do so. RDF underlies OWL and RDFS, and an understanding of RDF will make it easier to go through the lessons in this section.

The Lessons

  1. RDFS Introduction — the RDF Schema language is the simplest way to describe RDF data.
  2. OWL 101 — the Web Ontology Language (OWL) is the preferred modeling language of the Semantic Web.
  3. RDFS vs. OWL — compares RDFS and OWL. When should you use one vs. the other?
  4. Flavors of OWL — there is more than one flavor of OWL. Which should you use to build your ontologies?
  5. OWL Reference for Humans — a great cheat sheet to have bookmarked when you're building your first ontologies.