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Semantic University

Welcome to Semantic University!

Semantic University is the largest and most accessible source of educational material relating to semantics and Semantic Web technologies. It includes:

  • Lessons suitable to those brand new to the space.
  • Comparisons, both high-level and in-depth, with related technologies, such as SQL, NoSQL and Big Data.
  • Interactive, hands on tutorials.

There's much more, too—learn more about Semantic University. You can also subscribe to Semantic University to get email notifications when new lessons are available.

Get Started!

Semantic University content is split into two sections, each with several tracks. The Semantic Web Landscape track includes overview material suitable for all audiences. The Technical Lesson Tracks provides Semantic Web technology tutorials for technical readers. We encourage you to read them in the order presented for the most straightforward learning experience.

Semantic Web Landscape Tracks Technical Lesson Tracks
  1. Getting Started: Understanding Semantic Technologies (6 lessons)
  2. Semantic Technologies Compared (3 lessons)
  3. Semantic Technologies Applied (5 lessons)
  1. Learn RDF (5 lessons)
  2. Learn OWL and RDFS (5 lessons)
  3. Learn SPARQL (4 lessons)
  4. Semantic Web Design Patterns (6 lessons)

Every lesson comes with its own Forum for further discussion. All discussions can be found in the Semantic University Forums.