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To view the Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0 Documentation, click here.

This documentation set provides all of the installation, system administration, usage, and reference information for all of the version 3.5.x Anzo Smart Data Solutions.

Click a link below to view the documentation for that solution or see Anzo Smart Data Solutions Overview for more information about the products. To learn about key Anzo concepts and vocabulary, Anzo best practices, and to view tutorials for guidance on how to accomplish common business goals with Anzo solutions, see Getting Started with Anzo.

Anzo Server

Configure and manage platform access controls, data lineage and versioning, licensing, notifications, linked datasets, and more. An extensible platform for integrating data sources, adding custom capabilities, and building custom applications.

Anzo for Excel

Collect, combine, share, and reuse workbook data from many users by creating and managing linked datasets and ontologies.

Anzo on the Web

Define and create visual data representations using the latest in powerful web technologies. View, edit, and share your insights.

Anzo Connect

Connect to all of your data sources and create ETL jobs to take in your data.

Anzo Unstructured

Consume, analyze, interpret, cross-reference, and semantically process documents and the facts within them. Data that flows through Anzo Unstructured becomes available throughout the Anzo platform.

Anzo Graph Query Engine

Scale the Anzo Smart Data Platform. An in-memory, elastic-clustered graph database that offers interactive ad hoc query and analytics on datasets with billions of triples.

Anzo Command Line Interface

Interact with Anzo Server to view, edit, and manage data. Automate tasks, debug issues, and deploy Anzo solutions.

Anzo SDK

Extend the Anzo Smart Data Platform using the Anzo Java Software Development Kit (SDK).